Another term for Senate speaker in Somalia

The Speaker of Somalia's Senate has been re-appointed, a key point for the  country to hold presidential elections.

Abdi Hashi Abdullahi was re-appointed by the 54- member seat upper house during a franchise that happened in an extremely  guarded compound in the capital, Mogadishu.

His nomination translates that all remaining part prior to presidential elections can come about as franchise for the Speaker of the 275-member lower chamber, the legislative assembly which brandish  more dominance  and authority in Somalia.

The country uses a complicated  and  associative democracy  and political parties do no take part in  contest elections. Nor do equal  representation in voting  take place.

Instead, the lower chamber is elected by representatives  constituted by ancient clan and members of civil population who are chosen by regional district administrators. Senators stand for Somalia's five provincial  states. And it is the bicameral  houses that  vote for head of state.

The country has skipped numerous target dates to wind up general elections, leading to penalty against MPs by the US.

Contentions existing between the country's president and prime minister have electrified the postponements, which extremists have taken advantage of by unleashing  offensive in  Mogadishu and aiming  electoral envoys.

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