A Resurgence Of Nationalism In South Africa Puts The Rainbow Nation Under Threat Of A Civil War

Many would assume that ethnic conflicts between black and white South Africans ended 28 years ago when the late former presidents of South Africa, F.W. deKlerk and Nelson Mandela, ended apartheid that was instituted 40 years before after South Africa's dominion status in the British Empire was revoked, but the rise in nationalist movements on all sides threatens to dismantle the Rainbow Nation.

The Volkstaat Party, African Student Command, Viva Rhodesia, Boer Movement, radical arms of the African National Congress (ANC), and former Bantustan Republics have been gaining popularity as the turmoil of the Covid Pandemic and civil unrest grips the country.

The whites and blacks in South Africa are and have been at each-others throats since the 1990's, but tension had existed since the Dutch started exploring the interior in the 1720's.

Recent examples of White Genocide and tribal supremacy between Zulus and Xhosa groups, has put the screws on South Africa to either solve the issue diplomatically or face a brutal civil war akin to the Yugoslav and Bosnian Wars between 1992-2005.

There were riots in the streets when former president Jacob Zuma was arrested for corruption charges, leading to pro-Zuma supporters in Zulu-Natal to riot for weeks.

Some have proposed carving South Africa into a series of new countries based on ethnicity and race, whilst others want a US State model of local legislation overriding federal legislation.

But with the threat of civil war rising after the Russians, their ally in B.R.I.C.S. (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) invaded Ukraine.

It may come sooner than others think. 

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