15 Congolese Shot Dead By Intoxicated Soldiers In 2 Separate Incidents

15 Congolese have been killed by two intoxicated soldiers in two separate incidents in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Formally Zaire).

The first attack took place in South Kivu (Formally Costermansville) where on Lake Tanganyika, a drunk solder murdered 8 civilians on a boat before being arrested.

The second attack took place in Ituri (Formally Oriental) where during an argument with a Colonel (Presumably his commanding officer), a drunk soldier mutinied and killed his CO, another soldier and 5 civilians.

He fled the scene and is still wanted by the regional government in Ituri and the DRC, dead or alive bounties have been placed on him.

These two incidents come as the DRC is cracking down on insubordination among it's army's ranks.

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